A Dog’s Secret Compass

If a dog’s eyesight is so poor that it wouldn’t even be able to ‘see’ their food until they’ve smelled it, how do they have a sense of direction? Dogs have their own… Continue reading

Is the leaning tower of Pisa still leaning?

Yes, but here’s the twist: it’s leaning less now! Back when construction first started in 1173, the tower of Pisa already started sinking into the ground and leaning. The foundation of the tower,… Continue reading

Do we only use 10% of our brain?

So my friend asked me the other day, “Is it true that we only use 10% of our brain?” Without a second thought, I said yes, but then decided to check with Professor… Continue reading

Black Polar Bears

What has black skin, hair growing from the underside of its feet, and webbed claws? If it wasn’t for the hint in the title, would you have guessed it? Each of these features… Continue reading

Why do popcorn kernels pop?

Popcorn, when grown, looks just like all the other corn cobs–but it is the only type of corn that can pop. Why? When popcorn kernels mature, the outer layer hull of the kernel… Continue reading

What’s inside Play-Doh? (from Wired)

Nostalgic? Find out more: Wired: What’s Inside Wired Magazine: Play-Doh

How is breakfast cereal made?

Whether you like bran, cornflakes, or a new variety of cereal, do you know how your breakfast is made? Besides mixing wheat, milled rice, or corn grits with a recipe of sugar, salt… Continue reading

Why are leaves green?

(Thanks Lia for this idea!) Leaves naturally have pigments, and these determine their colours. For example, chlorophyll is a green pigment which helps to absorb light energy. This light energy in turn will… Continue reading

How are natural hot springs formed?

Just when we thought nature couldn’t be any more impressive, we find natural hot tubs in its backyard. Hot springs actually consist of rainwater. It is speculated that rainwater seeped into the earth’s… Continue reading

Dream On: Sleeping

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