How is coffee made?

Did you know that coffee comes from coffee cherries?

Coffee beans are actually the seeds of coffee cherries, which are grown on coffee trees. These cherries will be harvested, and then either go through wet processing, or dry processing.

In wet processing, the cherry pulp will be removed–leaving the coffee beans behind. Coffee beans will be fermented (breaking down sugars in the beans) to create the coffee’s aromatic flavour. These beans are dried and hulled, so a bean’s husk (hard outer layer) will be removed. Coffee beans will then be sorted by size.

In dry processing,coffee cherries will be dried first, and then hulled. This hulling process will remove both the cherry pulp and the husks. They will then be sorted by size. Instead of being fermented, these beans will be roasted.

After all these steps, coffee beans will then be grounded and brewed to make your favourite coffee beverage! Enjoy!

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